Imagine investing $1k in BNB on day 1 you would today be a Billionaire. (Well maybe). Im not saying Sata is the next Binance but just 1% market cap you will be up x1000. T

We are gonna get a new CEX with Binance Cloud feeding the LP, Chainlink Partnership powering the pricing feeds (Agreement Signed Today) – Well done Sata Team! The guys are now looking at integration with the Polygon (Matic) Team. The meeting was held today.

Marketing wise they are doing co-marketing with the Chainlink team and Polygon teams. Its still early to get involved – this is truly an undervalued gem in BSC.

Personally it has been one of the best launches I seen. I am holding until, $500m MCAP but anyway let me tell you about Sata (which in Finland it means X100)

SATA is a CeDefi Exchange that incorporates the best of both worlds from Centralized and Decentralized exchanges with no KYC . Its similar to Unizen (now valued at $5.5B).

SATA achieves CeDeFi status and no KYC as it is facilitating transactions on users’ behalf and acts as a facilitator in carrying out trades prompted by its users. Its eco-system is built upon allowing users free pass, borderless which in essence is a reflection of what crypto is designed to be. SATA seeks to provide a unique selling proposition in that it is specifically designed to interface with CeFi and DeFi applications on any network and can aggregate trades across them. This is critical and especially exciting for crypto traders everywhere, as there includes additional risks to security, slippage and asset availability since it’s against traditional exchanges. SATA users have their trade products and exchanges available within one platform.

More info:

βœ… Full Working Platform ( βœ… No KYC βœ… Binance Cloud Liquidity βœ… Chainlink Partnership (Cross-Chain Pricing) Big Marketing to Come βœ… Polygon Matic (Integration) βœ… Exchange will launch upon Audit by Certik βœ… Earn 15% BNB every 60 minutes directly into your wallet

TG: Litepaper: Web:

Ps. I just want to thank the team admin and devs for a fantastic launch and look forward to the future.

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