◾️ What is $ct?

🔵 CT is a tribute to everyone on Crypto Twitter. For those who fell. And rose again. Those who went x3 and -90% within the same day. For the ones that look at their phones far too often.

$ct is created as a gratitude for all the hours of scrolling. Watching support and resistance.

For our generational wealth seekers. Breathing hopium. Chasing the gains. The tears. The salt. The rugs. Few.


📱TG: http://t.me/CryptoTwitterPublic

🌐: ctwagmi.io


⚡️ 12 November 22:30/23:30 CET

⚡️ No presale

⚡️ Initial mcap 60k

◾️ Which platform will $ct be on?

🔵 ct will be launching on ERC-20.

◾️ What is the total supply of $ct?

🔵 total supply

◾️ Is the liquidity locked?

🔵 Yes, for 6 months:


◾️ Is this the original ct?

🔵 We have doxxed team members. They don't. You decide.

◾️ Why would this moon?

🔵 We have some big influencers onboard. Fasten your seatbelts.

◾️ Where can I buy $ct?

🔵 https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x2e9cce8c3bf731f9bfc39e3d345a70907f454d40

◾️ How does the reward mechanism work?

🔵 2% of every transaction will be rewarded in $ct.

🔵 4% of every transaction goes to LP Uniswap

🔵 4% of every transaction goed to marketing

◾️ When will we start with NFTs?

🔵 This is planned for the coming weeks. There will be legendary ct NFT's. Stay tuned for the announcements

◾️ What is the contract address?

🔵 0x2e9cce8c3bf731f9bfc39e3d345a70907f454d40

◾️ What about an audit?

🔵 This will take place after launch, to reassure legitimacy to our investors

◾️ Where can I see the price of ct?

🔵 https://www.dextools.io/app/ether/pair-explorer/0xd42e6515ea9ff40a0478400b62cb9659583c3386

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