Welcome to the new BSC CASINO


🎯ELVIS is a casino token with it's associated dApp. Whenever you invest and buy some ELVIS you'll have a chance to win 2 times what you invested.

As an example, if you buy 10 ELVIS, you have a one in 7 chance to get 20 ELVIS! Effortless ways to grow your money.

🔺Our dApp is already live and soon you’ll be able to play and gamble on the first DAO casino launched on the BSC.

🔺We’re launching the ELVIS official token when we will have 100 members and deploy the contract to 70 members in order to start the project.

Myrdal is used to lock the liquidity.


1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens printed. 2% Liquidity 10% Marketing 2% Reward to all holders 2% Burn

🔺DAO Governance:

  • ElvisCasino is a non-custodial dapp where you can do more with your money. While the team is working on several casino games you will be able to try the ElvisRoulette launched soon. You can already easily play, track, and control your assets right from your wallet.

  • The community on discord and twitter can already vote and be part of the team’s decision. Our future games will be chosen by you. Be aware as some airdrops and giveaways will also drop. As the rules and governance of each DAO is coded in smart contracts on the blockchain and cannot be changed unless voted upon by the DAO’s members we’re 100% confident on the community’s growth

💎If we can build a strong community, we will have no harm in revealing our identity. The team will be in voice chat to support you and answer all of your questions.

📝Meet the team:


  • Twitter: twitter.com/ElvisCasinoBsc

  • Audit: medium.com/@elviscasinobsc

  • dApp: https://elvis.wf

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