May I present to you, my new upcoming BsC Coin, Dogecharger.

⚡️We will Supercharge to the Moon. After our Launch, work will begin on ChargerSwap, our own exchange, the aim is to build a Marketplace, challenging the likes of eBay, but in Crypto World. The Platform will be a Mix between an Exchange, eg. Binance, and a Marketplace such as eBay. That's right, you will no longer need to withdraw your Cryptocurrency to use it for online shopping. You will be able to trade the latest Crypto and buy those Sneakers you've been eyeing, from one platform.⚡️

⚡️KYC ready + AUDIT release tomorrow. Can be verified on our Pre-Sale Link.

⚡️KYC means that we have verified ourselves with Government ID, this is so investors can request our information in case of a rug pull, or shady business.

⚡️The Developers do not hold any Coins and have locked all Coins not sold in the Pre-Sale in an Anti-Rug system.

⚡️14.2% discount for participants of the pre-sale

⚡️Pre-Sale at

⚡️Pre-Sale starts on 19.11.21 1900hrs UTC

⚡️Goal of between 400 and 800 BNB – $951,775 Initial Market Cap

⚡️5% of supply burned every three months based on community wants. This can also be used for other things such as further listings on other platforms or providing more liquidity.

⚡️7% Marketing, Development, Charity from generated transaction fees.

⚡️4% Automatic Liquidity per transaction added.

⚡️4% rewards paid in Dogecoin straight into your wallet, your rewards are based on our daily volume.

I hope to see some of you participating in the pre-sale and joining our community, please read our White Paper to understand our project fully.

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