The team behind this token would like to break down the fundamentals of this token without "hyping" or promoting it too much.

The reason we are reaching out to smaller communities, is because the true smart and loyal investors tend to be in these groups, and size doesn't always matter right?
(Atleast if you don't ask the ladies ?)

We are tired of scammers, happyseekers and village traders that wan't to make quick bucks and jump from project to project.
We advise you all to read our website, Social medias
(Like Youtube, Twitter and Reddit) and if you have any question left after that, we are willing to answer them.

When did IQEQ launch and whats the contract adress and network?
1st November 2021


Network: Binance Smart Chain(BEP20)

Whats the total supply & Circulating Supply?
Total Supply: 100M tokens(100%)
Put into LP: 90M (90%)
Marketing & Dev: 10M (10%)
Circulating: 76M(75.3%) (and countng down, with super deflationary burns)

How is the tokenomics and tax?
5% Tax
1% Static reflection to holders
2% Automatic burn
2% to Liquidity pool

What about security, do you have any audits? Is LP Locked? Who owns the contract?

1. Internal pre-launch audit done by the team(Forked a perfect socre Certik contract).Also a agreement with Techrate is done for a audit, that is going to be funded 50/50 by the team & community! (We are currently allocating funds for this)

2. LP is locked with DxSale for 79 years until the year of 2100-01-013. Countract ownerships is RENOUNCED – And there is NO WAY to regain it back!

There has been some debate, if renounced contracts can be regained.
Only with Safemoon forks, that has the "Lock and unlock" backdoor.
For this to work, the contract needs to have been "locked" and then "unlocked" once.
You can check all transactions made, the contract was available 30 days prior to launch.
There has been no locks or unlocks, before renouncing ownership 2021-11-01
(Less than 60 minutes after launch) — Therefore this is 100% Safe and unruggable, but usually looking at the intentions of the team says more of a project than ANY other kind of technichal security.

How did it launch?
No pre-sale, fair launched(or what we callëd a 'Diamond launch') with 90% (90M) of the token supply in PancakeSwap LP.
Tax 93% on launch, to prevent Bots(which we managed to tax 24% or 24M Tax tokens from)
We burned 20% or 20M and kept 4M(4%) for future marketing/airdrop and MORE burns!

Market restrictions was max 100K tokens buy first 10 minutes, to reduce whales & spread the tokens.
No restrictions now!

Whats will be the exact usability and utility of this project?
– Community think tank
– Decentralized Hedgefund / investment vault run by Decentralized Smart contract, governed by $IQEQ holders
– DAO Voting
– Decentralized Apps voted on by the community (What do you want us to develop next?)
– Decentralized P2P Lending
– IDO & ICO Funding together with capital, massive expertise knowledge and community engagement.
– Anonymous Binance Smart Chain Transfers

This is just a part of the utility and usability we intend to focus on developing, before bringing in the ideas, knowledge and solutions of the community.

Who are the founders behind this project?
The founders are a team of IT, Gaming, Coding and developing enthusiasts from primarely Sweden, but all parts of the world. We have this amazing idea of a truly community DAO governed system, where we the true power of IQ and EQ can OUR community to gain mental, physical and financial freedom. There is a team section on the website under development, we have finished it, but are awaiting the foundation of the team to be added.

We are all a part of the community in some way, since this is now a DAO token, each token holder is essentially a part of the team. You can join our voice chats, to get to know us more!

Are you on coingecko & CoinMarketCap yet?
We haven't applied on purpose, since our current LP is below 20 BNB. Even though we have good amount of holders & volume(10-30K$ daily) we choose to wait with application, because we want to reward our early adopters. We will apply to Coingecko & Coinmarket once we reach the metrics in our roadmap and know 100% we will be approven quickly. 2-3 days before application, we will contact CG/CMC on their subreddits, and tel them about our community and that we are applying

Why don't you have a whitepaper yet?
A whitepaper is essentially a businessless plan for the upcoming 12 months. To do this efficiently and honeslty, we need the approval and guidance of community to write a business plan for 12 months forward, pre-launch without their contributions. This is impossible in a DAO governed token.Therefore. Instead of writing a "litepaper" or quickly written meaningless whitepaper that would get changed anyway.We decided we will write a solid white paper, with the proper language & visual attributes needed.Most importantely with the contributions of our community.We are currently working on the visual part, and growing the community enough to actually present a true 'Dao paper'

Why should I take my time and join community out of thousands?
Ask other community members, we are a truly unique kind of people. The experience will be honest & good vibez, we have had 0% fud/bots or any bad energy since launch, and we are 1 week old now!
Besides providing amazing sense of community, a highly active chat!
There is a huge economic potential in the deflationary tokenomics $IQEQ paired with $BNB, cominbed with 1% Rewards!


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