🧠[Fair launched] [Doxxed] [Renounced ownership] [Low Tax 5%] [Low Sub $50K Mcap] [LP Locked 79+ Years] [90% Token supply in LP] 🧠[IQEQ Token] [NFTs] [DAO Voting] [Think Thank] [Investment Vault] [ t.me/iqeqtoken ]

Launched 1st November – Very good entry! Check holders & Pooled BNB

🧠❤️This is your entry to a true high potential project! Read the rest below and then decide!

🧠❤️IQEQ Token is a decentralized autonomous organization & think-thank, to evolve and develop the future of Intelligence and emotional quota through DAO & dAPPs.

🔐 We can promise you a secure & well-planned Diamond fair launch. We want to accomplish a Shiba Inu & Dogecoin kind of path.To show our dedication and build pre-launch trust, we have prepared for several weeks, as can be seen in our community growth and dedication.

🟢 Fair Launched
🟢 Doxxed
🟢 Renounced Ownership
🟢 Low 5% Tax
🟢 Low Sub $50K Current Mcap
🟢LP Locked 79+ Years
[Link on website or telegram]
🟢90% Token supply in LP
🟢This means this project is 100% Safe and unruggable!

Intelligence Quota (IQ) = To know how
!Emotional Quota (EQ) = To know yourself!

We do not intend to predict the future!

But we know for a certainty that this project will continue and grow!

🌘 $IQEQ token Distribution and information
Total Supply: 100 000 000 (100%)
LP: 90 000 000 (90%)
Development & Marketing wallet: 10 000 000 (10%)
Transaction Tax: 5%Rewards: 1% to Holder, 2% to Burn, 2% to LP
Launch Market Cap: Under 1000$
Network: Binance Smart Chain
DEX: PancakeSwap V2
Preferred trading places > 1. DexTools Exchange 2. Bogged Finance 3. PancakeSwap Exchange

**Our pitch before launch**
🐋 Anti Whale & Anti Dump & Anti-Bot & Anti-Frontrun
Measurements on launch, to make sure we have a succesful and clean launch!(More info on this, on our voice chats on telegram)

For the sniper bots we got a very nice surprise on launch! (We will FORCE them to fund our marketing – Or leave us alone!)

— **Story after launch**
We made a historical launch, where sniping bots payed 24 Million tokens (93% Taxxed the first 0-3 minutes, we told everyone "to not buy first minutes", and let the bots get REKT)

We managed to destroy so many sniper bots, we collected 24 Million tokens, which equalled to 24% Of the total supply, so we decided to BURN 20% of the total supply, equalling 20 000 000 (20M) $IQEQ Tokens. The other 4% We are keeping for marketing & future airdrops. All funded by greedy people & front-run + sniper bots! THANKS BOTS!
** TX Link on websate or telegram**
💎Wen Diamond Launch?
🚀Wen CG? Wen CMC? Wen lambo?

We launched 1st of November 19:30 UTC

So come in to telegram and vote, lets help this moonshot

💎Diamond Map (6 Phases total, check website!)

1️⃣🌗 Phase one – $50K Market Cap & 250 Holders
👉🏻Contract renunciation & Burn or lock initial LP🟢
👉🏻🛠Start DexTools trending🟢
👉🏻CoinMarketCap Application🟢
👉🏻CoinGecko Application🟢
👉🏻Nomics, WorldCoinIndex & LiveCoinWatch Applications🟢
👉🏻More payed advertising 🟢
👉🏻PooCoin, CoinSniper, CoinVote, CoinHunt, WatcherGuru, RugFreeTokens, IcoHolder, Bitcointalk, Reddit CMS🟢

Check the other 5 phases of our Road Map on our website!
[ https://iqeqtoken.com/ ]
❤️We have already accomplished alot pre-launch


** WEBSITE **[ https://iqeqtoken.com/ ]
** TELEGRAM **[ https://t.me/IQEQToken ]
** TWITTER **[ https://twitter.com/IQEQToken ]
** AIRDROP ** [ https://sweepwidget.com/view/37662-x4tnm7v5 ]

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