Welcome to the SAFE SQUID. Do not get us confused with recent projects, we are the place to be.

Soon to be partnered with EverRise. More info below.

We have seen projects before harmed by others that have the same name and luckily we now have products like EverOwn to help with things like this.

By using this product and partnering with a team like EverRise we can show the space how dedicated we are.

Rest assured we will do everything in our power to make sure our name is not tarnished and prove we are a legit project.

? The only Squid Games Token Listed in CMC! Get on board before 10M MC ! Applied and received CMC in the same hour! Wow! It’s Squid Season !! Our next game will be available on Android and App Store ! Our own amazing NFTs will be implemented in the GAME !

? It is honestly ridiculous how many ways there are to make money in Squidanomics! This is your chance to compete in games all day long. There 3D Knife Battle Game, TG Games everyday for big cash prizes and a 2D NFT game, now playable with $1000 prizes. In order to participate in these games you must hold Squidanomics or Limited NFTS!

CA: 0x1F878d0BccD3D502ff55F7a4797C556f103d6e4b

? Squidanomics:


? 5% Tax for BUSD reflections to holders ? 5% Marketing fund for perpetual growth ? 3% Liquidity Tax for rising price floor ? 2% Developer Tax for continued innovation

Liqudity is locked for 3 MONTHS!

This is a community of diamond handers and also giant fans of Squid Game. The NFTs are amazing and very limited and selling out fast. They’re even being sold on secondary market for x50 ! The HOLD TO PLAY and EARN game is on web browser and can be played on any PC. Our amazing Mobile based 2D NFT game is on the way and being further developed.

Thousands of dollars have been given away already and thousands of dollars more will be.

To play the Telegram games you either need dagger or Star token. Only 100 Daggers were ever minted, meaning they’re sort after, you receive 100% of the winnings if you own one. The Star token is more common and a lot cheaper to pick up. Owning one of these and winning you’ll receive 50% of the winnings.

This is the most engaging and active community in BSC and they want you to join in on all the fun!

☎️ Telegram: https://t.me/Squidanomics

? Prepare yourselves for the Squid Games. This is your opportunity to make ridiculous money at the expense of your neighbors! Don't miss out and don't slip up. We've already come too far to end this now! ?

So many influencers lined up and so many used already! There are no limits to where Squidanomics can go! $1000 Grand Prize has been rewarded and another is available to whoever has the most kills by the end of the week! If you are looking for fast money you came to the right place.

Legendary Red Light Green Light, Marbles, dice and Tug of War games played in the tg all day for BUSD and NFT rewards.

? Website: https://squidanomics.xyz/

?Twitter: https://twitter.com/Squidanomics

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