Preparing for a HUGE launch during and at the 2021 Miami Crypto Expo ?

⚠️Massive Marketing Leading until Launch (11th of November)⚠️

? Website going live today! ?

BNB Rewards, & a pay to earn Idle Game! ??

We are exited to announce that we are going to be LAUNCHING the game during the 2021 MIAMI CRYPTO EXPO with 5000+ Investors attending. ?

With massive BSC News advertising at launch and a countdown on a big screen TV at the booth during the Expo ??

Hyper Rocket will be built on the Binance Smart Chain. Designed with Impressive graphics and smooth mechanics. In the game, each spaceship offers a specific staking option, and an amount of days it lasts. Even with the option of an ever lasting ship, that one will be paying smaller % per day, but could mean much larger returns throughout the life of the game.?

BNB rewarded for an user can be claimed at any point through "claim". This can be used at any time, as rewards are dynamic. ?

A portion of the BNB from Hyper Rocket will go to a BNB Hyper Rise buyback wallet, allowing the chart behavior to be even more bullish. ?

A famous marketing agency is working on our pre-release marketing campaign, and we plan on heavy marketing during & after launch. Leading to the release of the game, Poocoin, BscScan, and many other ads, as well as AMAs and influencer backing!

Join our Telegram for a chance to get a spot on the Whitelist!

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