Get ready passengers! Only 3 days left until the Mooneytrain leaves the station!! (LAUNCH November 10, 2021)

But… wait… what is MooneyTrain!?




[TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000,000,000]


Invest, relax and enjoy the ride while we serve you real-time reflections with “BIG” weekly prizes and “HUGE” milestone prizes!

MooneyTrain is a De-Fi like no other, with it’s unique tokenomics DRIP® (Direct Reinvestment Plan) all transactions has a 20% DRIP® with sub percentages going to marketing, buy backs, liquidity, manual burns and reflections airdropped directly to all the holders.


-AUTO DRIP-Marketing and Giveaways: 7% of all transactions goes to the DRIP wallet for Marketing and Giveaways.

-AUTO LP-Pancakeswap LP: 6% of each transaction goes to pancakeswap LP to increase the price floor constantly and keep holding values high.

-AUTO REWARDS-Reward Holders: 7% of each transaction goes back to our amazing holders.

We would like to invite you to be part of this one of a kind journey!! Are you gonna miss the Mooneytrain!?

(More info in the coming days)



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