This gem is one of the biggest, if not the biggest crypto community. A CEX announcement is imminent.?


– Staking and yield farming✅

– Exchanges✅

– Influencers ✅

– Leviathan upgrade – 53K added (min buy tax is 4% and 3% to leviathan)✅


– $750k [5%] burned yesterday?

– 5% burn this week?

– Ssb nfts✅

Insta-listed on CG & CMC ✅

Anti-bot, anti-snipe measures ✅

Mission and Vision:

We are determined to create a successful crypto project and support it with the massive Satoshi Street Bets community. We will establish the standard of how a cryptocurrency and community should operate.

The Token

$SSB token (#BSC) An Accelerated Hyper-Deflationary Token powered by advanced tokenomics and the SSB Business Mode

?The Leviathan buyback combined with the SSB business model will ensure a constant accelerated hyper-deflationary burn.

?The SSB Token will generate large amounts of buying pressure and accelerated hyper deflationary burns with our unique tokenomics and multiple use cases.

?Our first of its kind “Buy The Dip” Tokenomics is a new concept that will revolutionize buying power during a price dip.

?Exclusive access to “The Streets” NFT Marketplace and SSB Radio contests/giveaways.

?Stake SSB to earn a wide variety of other tokens.

First of a kind ''Buy the dip'' Tokenomics✅

Rough seas tax protection✅

The Team:

The SSB CORE Team is comprised of business professionals and cryptocurrency veterans and each member brings a wide range of special talents and abilities to the project.

Loyal & growing community ✅

Regular, transparent communication ✅

Rewarding Tokenomics:

12% Transaction fee to incentivize hodling via:

? 6% Leviathan Buyback

? 3% Lottery/Promotion

? 2% Redistribution

? 1% Marketing and Dev

?NOW is the time to pack a bag of $SSB!

(BSC) Contract address: 0x55b53855eae06c4744841dbfa06fce335db4355b




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