Beta Dividend ($BDIV) is a crypto project based on the Binance Smart Chain with a real use case. It aims to enlarge the adoption of $BETA which is a cross-chain permissionless money market protocol for lending, borrowing, and shorting crypto.

? Beta Dividend is a fork of $BETA Finance which ICO took place on Binance and was a real success ?

?Hold $BETA DIVIDEND and as a Partner, you will get rewarded in USDT and receive dividends in $BETA

⏰ Monday, November 1st At 5pm UTC


? Presale on Pinksale

? Launch 24h later for a maximum Marketing and exposure

? Fat Rewards

? Big AMA & Giveaways

? Our Tokenomics are designed as follows :

? 4% Rewards in USDT

? 4% Buy-back

? 2% Dividend in $BETA

? 4% Marketing


As you all know, every successful company is doing great thanks to its Partners, and in return, they receive Dividends ? The same applies to $BETA DIVIDEND. Our Dividend Wallet will be distributed to three Holders everyday.

?Special contract?

Our contract is verified, deployed and ready to go ?

You can check for yourself using the link below ?

What’s special about this contract ?

? Buy-back mechanism

?? Double Rewards

? Anti-bot

In addition to the automatic USDT rewards, our community members come qualify to an Extra reward in $BETA from the Dividend wallet that will be shared among 3 holders.

The conditions will be shared later.

Important :

✅ Team doxxed

Proof :

?Presale on 01/11/2021?

$BETA DIVIDEND Useful links :

? TG :

? Website :

? Twitter account :

?? TG Chinese community :

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