🗓Presale on November 2 at 9pm UTC. Save the date! That's tomorrow! 🔜

🔥A next generation DEX with special rewards for DGM holders.

What is degem (DGM)? 🧐

degem is a next generation DEX with various features allowing degen traders to make better information, such as:

💁‍♀️Custom UI 🏋️‍♀️Limit orders/Stop losses 🙆‍♀️Auto slippage 🤷‍♀️Contract analysis dashboard 🏃‍♀️IDO launchpad

🕊Among degem founding team values, lie the concept that hard work and good ethics are always rewarded. That’s why we already raised 125BNB in a private presale for development. And that’s also why we will launch DGM on degem exchange, functional on DAY 1!

🔥 OUR PRODUCT IS READY! 🙉 Forget about these projects promising a product by Q3 of 2031! 🤣

Why should I invest in degem? 🧐

⏲DGM holders have access to the cave, which will allow to stake DGM to earn free tokens selected by the degem team.

💰Starting in Q1 22, DGM holders will be eligible to the treasury. The treasury contains BNB collected through the various degem ecosystem (swap and many more features coming).

💵For example, to each transaction on degem swap, there is a 1% fee applied, from which .75% goes to degem. Half of this flow goes towards the treasury.

💷If degem gets $25MM of daily swap volume (or .2% of Defi volume), for somebody owning 1% of DGM total supply, this would translate into payment of $25MM * .75 * .5 * .01 = $937.5 a day

🔆In other words, owning DGM is owning part of the degem ecosystem and be rewarded in function of the cash generated.


📥Total supply: 100,000,000 💱Presale rate: 55k DGM for 1 BNB (implied market cap: ~800k) 🛫Softcap: 300BNB 🛬Hardcap: 625BNB (incl. 125BNB whitelist)

📆Presale date: November 2 – 9pm UTC

💎Tokenomics = 7% TAX ON BUYS AND SELLS 💎
⚙️3% Development
📢2% Marketing
🏧2% Auto Liquidity

✅ Massive AMA campaigns ✅ Doxxed & KYC'D Developers ✅ Long term project with real utilities ✅ Audited and more audits on the way! ✅ Huge marketing planned

🔥 From DEGEN to DEGEM!

Join TG: https://t.me/degemofficial

Announcements: http://t.me/degemannouncements

Website: https://degem.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/degemofficial?s=09

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Degemofficial-100776625689557/

Telegram (https://t.me/degemofficial) degem official Announcements: t.me/degemannouncements

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