Wen L(a)unch: Launch in 10 hours!

Wen Presale?: Finished today in under 30 seconds

SC/HC 250/500 BNB ??

Are these real Condoms?: YES!!

Shipping around the world?: YES!!

MC after launch?: 570k

Group growing strong, marketing just starting out!

Our team wants you to stay safu in crypto AND in bed!!

If you wanna rearrange the guts of your lady, put on one of these!

Better safe than sorry, i am telling you now!

Put on one of these! DogeCondoms

Is for the average cryptochad who wants to make her even more wet than she already is! DogeCondoms come in many different tastes and colours

but only in XXL size for big dick moonboys.

Invest now in the next cryptobased product with the BEST use case one can think of!!

Just by having one of these bad boys in your pocket you increase your chance of getting laid by 1000x!

Get that green dildo up in your pants and get it on with DogeCondoms!

SEX IS SAFU with DogeCondoms! —————————————————— Telegram: https://t.me/dogecondoms

Website: https://doge-condoms.online

?Liquidity lock for 1 year on dxsale!

❗️KYC-audit on dessertswap!

✅ Tokenomics:

Total supply: 1 trillion tokens (1 000 000 000 000) !


? 10% overall

? 1 % rewards in DogeCondoms reflected back to holders

? 3 % Liquidity

? 2 % Green dildo autoboost

? 4 % marketing

Join us, SEX IS SAFU , only with dogecondoms!

Don’t disappoint your next girl and get an early position now!!

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