The Falling moon is a new utility BSC tokens, with 5% rewards on holding too, it will easily moonshot!

We are going to launch at 100 members, it will be a fair launch, we believe that all investors should have equal chances.

The Falling moon token have a utility and a new concept, you can learn more about it in our whitepaper.

💡 We are going to launch our DAPP to manage and stake your tokens by tomorrow, it's ready and you can see a screenshot in our website, but the devs are still doing some security checks to make sure it's safe

💰 What is the token utility?

– The Falling moon is a Binance SmartChain-based token and decentralized application that allows users to bet in rotating “dead pool” style games. Users guess which new project will fail the fastest – and how it will do so. Using

the FALL token, users throw their bet in on the top 10 projects by week, with algorithmically derived odds based on current bets. Users can earn bonuses by guessing the exact failure type.

💸 How will users bet on tokens failures?

– We will launch our betting platform by 7 november, we can't share more details about it at the moment, but we're sure it will be worth it! We started developing the platform 5 days ago, and everything is going as planned.

💎 Tokenomics:

– 1 BNB as initial liquidity.

– Total Supply:

– Fees: 9% ( 4% to the marketing wallet, and 5% to the holders)

⭕️ The liquidity is going to be locked, the lock link will be shared at launch, you can check it out by yourself then.

⭕️ Check our website: for more infos.

⭕️ Twitter:

⭕️ Join our telegram:

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