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What is 4JNET?

4JNET is a blockchain platform not unlike Safemoon that has been developed as a part of the Binance Smart-chain and is a truly decentralized project.

What is unique about 4JNET?

Unique amongst cryptocurrencies, 4JNET has mechanisms that put early adopters on the same footing as later investors so that true equality and fairness is enjoyed by all.

This also means that even those who get involved at a later date can still enjoy massive returns on their investment. This is achieved by encryption and protection of tokens that ensures they are held for the long-term, protecting them from “Pump and dumps”.

Holders, or “hodlers” to those in the know, are rewarded for each day they hold their tokens. Other mechanisms such as service fees that decrease instead of increase in line with volumes help protect the price and value of the coin. These fees are then redistributed as rewards and liquidity.

In another instance of uniqueness, none of the 4JNET team hold any tokens themselves, investing all of them in growing the platform instead.

Can I trust 4JNET?

All smart contracts are fully transparent and open source. In addition, the smart contract has been audited by the blockchain security company CertiK. Its security and fairness are further guaranteed.

Further, 4JNET enjoys partnerships and positive press with these credible crypto authorities:

Finally, 4JNET enjoys the U.S. MSB license — a highly sought-after license for cryptocurrency organizations.

Does 4JNET involve NFTs?

Just recently, 4JNET has launched a series of limited-edition NFTs for its community and those interested to enjoy. 5000 of these NFTs will be minted and sold before the launch of the token on the 1st of December.

Purchasing one of the NFTs like the below example will bestow users with a number of benefits, including:

– NFT holders can claim more than 60 billion 4JNET tokens.

– NFT holders will enjoy a reduction of 3% service charge.

– NFT holders can trade NFTs freely, and the interests will be transferred along with NFTs.


🌐 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4JNET/

🗣 Telegram: https://t.me/fourjneten

🌍 Twitter: https://twitter.com/4jnet

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