$PIT is safe by design. It is an ownership-renounced token with each buy and sell automatically contributing to a liquidity pool that is locked forever. It is impossible to modify Pitbull’s contract , and it is impossible to pull liquidity from it, which makes the project one of the securest all over BSC. The team behind Pitbull is a fully volunteer team since beginning. As it comes to burning, because of the safe contract concept, there is no manual burn. As a community-driven project with no dev/team wallets, the volunteer Pitbull Team opted to create a community wallet that members can donate in order to further build the project. Listings, shelter donations, advertisement expenses are met by this community funds. After more than 7 months, it is incredible what the team of volunteers has achieved.

✅ Built an own ecosystem with PitSafe, PitSwap, PitFarm, PitStop with PitLottery and PitCharts ✅ Hotbit listed ✅ LATOKEN listed ✅ Cointiger listed ✅ Indoex listed ✅ WhiteBit listed ✅ Tao finance, pig finance partnerships formed ✅ Donation shelter pools ✅ Website redesign ✅ Partnership with UniTrackerApp

?PitSafe: PitSafe is a comprehensive BSC DeFi Asset Manager where investors who have $PIT in their wallets can obtain in-depth information about each token on the Blockchains. PitSafe offers exciting products for token developers and investors.

?PitSwap PitSwap is the place where you can BUY $PIT via the right way; V1 + 6% slippage. PitSwap will be our new place to buy and sell $PIT. No more annoying disclaimers from PanCakeSwap about the V1/V2 problem they face. PitSwap will be using PanCakeSwap V1, which uses the right liquidity pool.

?PitFarm PitFarm is the place where you can stake PIT-BNB V1 for points to redeem official Pitbull NFTs, or buy them straight out. These NFTs can be traded in the marketplace, and the sales will go towards the Pitbull community fund and artist as a minting fee. The funds raised will go towards charity, project development, and burning Pitbull tokens.

⛔️PitStop: A one stop place where you can see charts, track your earnings from holding tokens & much more

?PitLottery Pitlottery is a unique game~lottery where users can win more $PIT tokens by purchasing tickets with their $PITs. It will be a lottery platform rebase on Binance Smart Chain.

?PitCharts PitCharts is a tool to track your coins and their prices.

???What makes it even more exciting is a little outlook into the future. Pitbull will enter the metaverse and take its first steps into the play-2-earn arena. There is also a new NFT Collaboration and a new NFT Collection will be available soon. Another Product in the ecosystem will be PitMag. PitMag is a Magazine where you can find latest news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Be excited!

DYOR as always. If you want to know more, you can read more here:

Pitbull Contract(v1): 0xa57ac35ce91ee92caefaa8dc04140c8e232c2e50 TG: https://t.me/Pitbull_BSC Website: pitbull.community

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