Baby NFT Crates Overview:

Micropets is growing so fast that their current NFTs are getting quite pricey, in response to this Micropets has begun development of their Baby NFT Crates to make buying and staking NFTs even more fun and affordable for new investors.

Meet the Baby Micropets Line up:

🍼 Baby Akita

🍼 Baby Kishu

🍼 Baby Hokkaido

🍼 Baby Shiba

🍼 Baby Floki

These Baby NFT Crates will contain 1 of 5 different Baby Versions of the Original Micropets NFTs, each with its own unique multiplier. These Baby NFTs will have a lower multiplier as they will have a lower cost to buy.

Today also marks the last day to purchase MicroPet’s Limited Edition Spooky Crates containing their NFTs in super adorable Halloween Costumes, such as Hokkaido dressed as Goku. They are really something special.

Billboard Campaign:

Micropets Currently has a huge high-quality Billboard strategically places right in front SpaceX in California! Be sure to check it out if you are in the area!

MicroPets is also going to have a Billboard LIVE during the NFT.NYC Conference, The Leading Annual Non-Fungible Token Event!


The team and community behind Micropets are just amazing, the phrase under promise and over deliver is what comes to mind when you see all the amazing things they have done. Definitely worth checking out and in my honest opinion definitely seems like this project is going far.





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