Join APE or PEPE barracks at Stadium.Finance

FIRST EVER interactive crypto currencies are about to be launched on BSC, and this is your chance to get in early!

Stadium.Finance currencies are focused on community engagement and are perfect for both long-term investors and high-on-adrenaline gamblers alike. Stadium.Finance comes with a built-in smart contract based game where SAPE tokens and SPEP tokens fight for financial supremacy.

The Concept

Stadium.Finance brings something unique to the table. The project consists of two tokens – Ape and Pepe, and every eight hours these tokens enter into a fictional battlefield against each other. To participate you simply need to hold some Ape or Pepe tokens (or well, actually holding both works too). By the end of an 8-hour battle, the winning token will go up in price and the losing token will reduce its value.

So, being on the winning side is likely to result in quick gains. Being on a losing team sucks, no surprise here.

The fun part is that there are absolutely no rules – you may switch teams anytime you want, team up with fellow Apes or Pepes to manipulate the price, HODL in hopes for the moon, whatever rocks your boat. So the key difference – it is not you vs the market any longer, it is you vs other token HODLers vs the market. The difficulty just went up, huh?


Many-many blocks ago, Ape and Pepe were best bros. Whatever they did, they did it together. Both even gave their hearts to the lovely Princess Shiba. But one day, Princess Shiba’s evil step-Dogefather kidnapped her and locked her away on the Moon. Ape and Pepe borrowed Elon Tusk’s Falcon Heavy and headed to the Moon.

Unfortunately, their friendship did not survive the journey. They fought hard and became bitter enemies. It is now up to you to decide who wins this war! Watch a more in-depth comic at Stadium.Finance

The Goal

Join a team by acquiring SAPE or SPEP on Together with other team members drive the price of your team’s token up to win battles that occur every 9669 blocks on BSC!

How it works

  • 5% of transaction fees are added to the team’s treasury
  • Treasuries are staked against each other every 8 hours
  • The losing treasury’s funds are used to buy the winning team’s tokens
  • The winning treasury is then burned to drive the price of the winning token further up

The team that has more coins from the underlying asset (BNB) in the pool compared to the previous time is the winner.

If you think your team is sinking you are free to switch sides and fight for the winner. Everything is fair in love and war!

Each token starts off with one quadrillion units in the liquidity pool. Not more, not less. These units are then slowly burned off as the armies of Ape and Pepe start to whittle down. The team that keeps winning the most will have the least amount of tokens in circulation, promoting growth and showcasing their victory and dominance.

It’s a fair launch. None of the tokens come pre-mined or pre-distributed, they’re all up for grabs so that the teams have an honorable battle from the get-go.

Choose your team and lead your community!


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