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? ** Meme Game Token:**

We are about to launch the JumpyCat Meme Coin. Marketing started pre-launch and here we are. ?

JumpyCat is a challenging Jump&Run Game and will be connected to the Binance Smart Chain. Earn JumpyCats by playing and reaching new highscores. ?

More games are in development and will be integrated into an crypto game ecosystem. ?

? Community Token – Hodlers are part of the team. Feedback loops, community decisions. Community marketing

This is your hidden gem. Let your friends join the launch too ♥️ Community Shilling!

Beta Game will be released within the next days ?

Announcement Telegram

Community Chat

** Meme Game Token: ✅**

Future project will include NFTs, more levels, more games and dApps tools. Simple gaming integrated into blockchain. Shiba, Dogs, Cats – pure Meme!

All announcements on Website & Telegram. ☺️

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