Spooky shiba just stealth launched. Giving out rewards in Shiba Inu. !! BASED DEV. Same dev that launched kishu forever. Hype is real with this one. Major marketing is planned. VOICE CHAT IS GOING CRAZY. Those who were in kishu forever know that this dev is not scared to market a coin ! Already in contact with some big influencers.

In the spirit of halloween this is THE COIN ! Don’t be surprised if this hits 1 Million market cap!

DEV is based and well known in the space. Some familiar faces in telegram already. Shiba is pumping right now and so will spooky Shiba. 7 more days till halloween and that is just enough time for spooky Shibato go parabolic. Get your entry in and enjoy the ride.

Do not miss out on spooky season !

Shiba keeps pumping. This is heading in the same direction. MArketing is not even started and this is already flying. Hype is huge around this. The most insane part about this is the rewards. 7% Shiba rewards per transaction ! Just keep holding and gaining more Shiba rewards per transaction. This could be the next big thing !! ??

Rewards: 7% rewards

LP; 3%

Marketing: 5%



Rewards contract:


Telegram: https://t.me/SpookyShibaOfficial

Twitter: Twitter.com/shibaspooky

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