?Hey there?

i just found this new subreddit about new Harmony projects with huge gain potential!

? Link: www.reddit.com/r/HarmonyMoonShots

What is Harmony?

–Harmony is a fast and open blockchain for decentralized applications.–

What is the subreddit about?

The subreddit is growing fast and some very profitable coins have already been posted. For example: Artemis, ViperSwap and DefiKingdoms. The early members have already made huge Crypto Gains. It is the best ​place to discuss new and small market cap projects in the Harmony ecosystem with moonshot potential.

The Harmony ecosystem is currently growing rapidly as the price of $ONE itself has shot to the moon in recent days.

New projects are coming onto the blockchain every day!

? Dont miss out on the hot and juicy new projects that are posted there. Not joining is a sin by itself and you will bite your own a** for missing this huge opportunity. ?

✅ Harmony is the real ETH 2.0!

✅ 2 second finality and low trading fees!

–May the Moonshot God be with you!–

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