⚒️ Once upon a time, there was this family called The Construttore’s who lived in a small town called Pompalo, Italy. They were exactly what you could expect from a regular small town family. There was Ms. Mom and Mr. Dad who owns his own construction company and worked hard as a constructor to be able to provide for his 3 little boys.

Why introduce a token with a story? Because this is our story! Visit our website and find out our BNBuilder story ?⚒️ BNBuilder

? BNBUilder is about always building! Whether it is NFTs or play to earn Games or even been an actual platform where you can Build your project ( later usecase ).

? Check out our NFT BLDR and our story mini Game!

? Too many complicated projects are out there, so in BNBuilder we keep it simple.

? A reflection token with rewards in BNB. Hold BLDR, Earn BNB! Liquidity is locked and with our cool innovative system the project generates income as an investor would : Meaning from Restribution of rewards!

⚙️ Let's Build Together! This is our moto! Active community who is ready to help and support our Building enthusiasm!

? Tokenomics

?10% BNB Rewards of every transaction, distributed to the holders every 60 minutes.

?5% of every transaction into Liquidity Pool.

?3% Sell Fee

?1% of total supply per Wallet.

?Anti-Dump Logic ( no more than 0,1% of total supply per sell trx) .

?10% Marketing Wallet.

?10% Giveaway Wallet.

?50% Future Plan Wallet (Burning Included)

?Social Links :

? https://www.bnbuilder.com/

? https://twitter.com/BNBUILDER_TOKEN

? https://t.me/BNBuilderCommunity

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