Are you a K-Pop or a K-Drama fan? Well, it doesn't really matter because OPPA can cater to everyone! We want to latch on the increasing global domination of K-Pop music and we'll do this by finding ways to give our holders an opportunity that no one else can give to them – we'll bring them closer to some of the leading K-Pop stars!

Our OPPA holders, or "Fanatics" as we want to call them, will get EXCLUSIVE access to limited edition items, personalized fan-signs, VIP passes to the hottest big concerts and events, and the OPPORTUNITY TO MEET THEIR FAVORITE STARS! YES, you read that right! Have you seen any project like this? I highly doubt!

Also, OPPA Token has partnered with one of the most respectable communities in the BSC Network, THE MIDNIGHT SHOW, earning their highly-coveted DIAMOND STAMP of approval! Together with another partner who will be specifically handling the Meet-&-Greet side of the project, you can never find a reason to not be a part of this!

10% BUY Tax

❣️3% – Marketing

❣️4% – Meet-&-Greet

❣️2% – Liquidity

❣️1% – Burn

10% SELL Tax

❣️3% – Partnerships

❣️3% – Development

❣️2% – Liquidity

❣️1% – Million MC Rewards

❣️1% – Burn

MILLION-MARKETCAP MILESTONES: You think that's all? We're not stopping there! Every time OPPA Token adds a million to its market cap, we will be rewarding our very loyal and supportive Fanatics! With what, you ask? There's too many to mention but some of them would be gadgets, concert tickets, staycations, and a lot more!


❣️Multi-Vendor Store

❣️OPPA Mobile App

❣️Agressive marketing

❣️Partnerships with Korean beauty brands

❣️Meet-and-Greets with stars






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