Welcome To Solarmine

Solarmine ($SOLAR) is the first bitcoin mining operation that truly rewards its investors with profits from solar mining, all while reducing our carbon footprint by using 100% clean energy. Solarmine is an optimized cryptocurrency mining community of investors that aims to push the current boundaries by solving the most prominent challenges facing Bitcoin mining; energy consumption, carbon footprint, and profitability.

Minimalized Carbon Footprint

'Carbon Neutral' is a term you're starting to hear new companies claiming every day. Our aim with Solarmine is to create a project, that is able to generate revenue for many consumers, create jobs, and support the future of blockchain; all whilst emitting zero carbon from any part of the project. Join our cause to bring green energy to cryptocurrency.

Green Energy

Over the last few years, Bitcoin has shown that it's here to stay. Bitcoin mining has ramped up, and it is causing major concerns about energy usage. We're here to solve that problem by generating more than enough energy to mine bitcoin.

BNB Rewards

Holders benefit from a profit sharing business model where Solarmine takes profits generated from mining bitcoins and rewards each holder on the percentage of tokens they own.


The goal is to never impact the price in a negative way, which is why we do not have a marketing wallet. We will never have the need to sell $SOLAR to fund the project development. We will use 25% of all mining profits each month to put back into the project, 20% will be in BNB rewards, and 5% will be used to buy $SOLAR and have those tokens stored on a community wallet.

Community Wallet

The community wallet is only used towards its holders. The most important aspect of this is leaving it up to the community what we use this wallet for, whether it be used for giveaways, airdrops, contests, or free merchandise. We will utilize a poll voting system on our social media platforms to decide each month what we want to do.

Intuitive Process

It's time to join Solarmine from anywhere in the world. Purchase $SOLAR, join our fun and interactive community in order to reap the benefits of our BNB dividend system.


Solarmine benefits from being led by a well-rounded, business minded US Marine Veteran CEO. This will benefit the project in the long run due to the fact of our outstanding leadership principles. Many projects offer genius developers, but very few have quality leaders to propel the project to the next level.


We are transparent on location, equipment, and mining procedures. We also promise to be active with the community, every day. Our team is doxxed and our CEO is KYC'd with Solidproof.

Come be a part of the future of Bitcoin mining with $SOLAR!

Presale on Unicrypt Coming Soon!

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